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Flat Rate Marketplace

Setup a customizable NFT Marketplace/store to sell NFT’s for a specific price point. Proceeds will be collected and sent to the marketplace owner and NFT sent to the specific recipient of the purchase.

Publish as an App


Publishing configurations to publish the ADO as an App

The desired name of the app.



Allows users to launch their own custom NFT projects.

Input the wallet address responsible for minting tokens. Use your own wallet address if you will retain minting rights.

Selected Modules

Optionally attach Andromeda Modules such as rates or address-list to the contract.

Enter the official name of the token or NFT. Use only letters for the name.

Specify a unique symbol for the token or NFT. It should contain only letters and be 3 to 12 characters long.



The Marketplace is an ADO that allows you to sell your NFTs in a marketplace.

Accept either CW20 or Native coins for marketplace sales. Supports a contract address or Andromeda VFS address.

Can be either an address or a component name of a specific ADO within an app.


Added modules will appear in this section. Compatibility varies depending on your build.