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Auction Based Marketplace

Setup an auction to sell NFT’s at an initial starting price and allow bidding from many users to get the highest price bid placed and accepted to receive the NFT. The duration of the auction is also configurable.


Flat Rate Marketplace

Setup a customizable NFT Marketplace/store to sell NFT’s for a specific price point. Proceeds will be collected and sent to the marketplace owner and NFT sent to the specific recipient of the purchase.


Crowdfund App

Setup a crowdfund to distribute NFTs representing fractionalized ownership of the goal being funded. Proceeds are able to be divided and distributed to yield vaults to assure direct delivery to the respective manufacturing / distribution / business partnerships.


CW20 Exchange

Create a unique digital asset to be sold on an independent exchange. Buyers can easily purchase CW20 tokens, for use in things like accessibility and liquidity. This simple and efficient exchange platform supports purchase options for both native and non-native tokens.


CW20 Staking App

Setup CW20-based token creation, distribution, and staking functionalities with reward mechanisms.


Timelock App

Hold native coins for a period of time until the minimum funds requirement is deposited.


Merkle Airdrop

Launch airdrops using the merkle-tree (hash tree) method allowing recipients to claim their tokens instead of being sent without consent. Supports both native and CW20 coins.

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