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CW20 Exchange

Create a unique digital asset to be sold on an independent exchange. Buyers can easily purchase CW20 tokens, for use in things like accessibility and liquidity. This simple and efficient exchange platform supports purchase options for both native and non-native tokens.

Publish as an App


Publishing configurations to publish the ADO as an App

The desired name of the app.



The CW20 Token ADO is an ADO to create a token, The contract supports modules to extend its' functionality.

Name of the token. Letters only, must be between 3 and 12 characters.

Symbol of the token. Letters only, must be between 3 and 12 characters.

The number of decimals for the token. (6 is common)

Starting Balance

A list of addresses and the amount of coin to initialize for each.

Additional Modules

(Optional) address_list module can be added.

Cw20 exchange


The CW20-Exchange ADO allows users to exchange CW20 tokens for native funds or other CW20s.

A raw address (andr1....), a valid vfs path (~username/app/component), app component (./component) or ibc protocol path (ibc://cosmoshub-4/user/app/component)

Current build doesn't have this local path. Make sure you know what you are doing!

Enter a valid CW20 token address. This can be a human-readable address (e.g., 'andr1x...asd') or a valid Andromeda VFS path (e.g., './componentName').

Selected Modules

(Optional) The following Andromeda Modules can be attached to the contract: rates, address-list, and receipt.